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  1. $11 Billion – Investment fraud losses in 2010
    Source: FBI
  2. 76% Recovery – 2010 FINRA investor claims that resulted in recovery for investors.
    Source: FINRA
  3. Non-traded REITs – Limited redemptions, false market values, many have shut down
    Source: New York Times, July 19, 2011
  4. $2.9 Billion – Elder financial fraud total cost. As populations age, so does abuse
    Source: The MetLife Study of Elder Financial Abuse, 2011
  5. High-Yield Bonds – Lower credit ratings but a higher risk of default
    Source: The Problems and Challenges of High-Yield Bonds, Summer 2010, by Robert Levine, Eve Drucker, Steven Rosenthal
  6. Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Leading complaint in 2010 FINRA arbitration claims
    Source: FINRA
  7. Variable Annuities – Many are lucrative for brokers, banks, but a financial loss for investors
    Source: What's Wrong With Variable Annuities, Smart Money Magazine

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