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Morgan Keegan Tries To Vacate Recent Arbitration Awards

Morgan Keegan & Co., the Memphis-based brokerage firm owned by Regions Financial Corp., is facing hundreds of arbitration claims by investors who lost billions of dollars in seven RMK mutual funds that made risky investments in mortgage-related securities. Now Morgan Keegan is asking a Birmingham court to overturn several recent arbitration awards that ruled in favor of investors and their claims against the troubled brokerage.

Morgan Keegan filed its most recent motion to vacate on July 22 over a $220,000 award. According to an Aug. 4 story in the Wall Street Journal, Morgan Keegan is basing its appeal on the fact that the arbitration panel chairman should have been removed from the panel because he resided on a prior arbitration panel that also ruled against Morgan Keegan. 

In another appeal filed in May, Morgan Keegan asked the court to vacate a $628,000-plus award. In that appeal, Morgan Keegan accuses arbitrators of misconduct for not postponing a hearing during which the investors presented suitability claims. The investors, Morgan Keegan says, had “disavowed” such claims. 

A third motion to vacate also was filed in May in which Morgan Keegan accused an arbitration panel of exceeding its authority by awarding more than $187,000 in damages, attorneys fees and costs. Steven B. Caruso, a New York attorney with Maddox Hargett & Caruso, represents the investor in that case.

Arbitration appeals are considered unusual and difficult to win. Moreover, the strategy always comes with a price tag.

“Who pays for it?,” asks Caruso in the Wall Street Journal article. “The shareholders of Regions Financial.”

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