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Marcus Schrenker Heads To Federal Prison

Marcus Schrenker was Indiana’s own version of Bernie Madoff. Before his arrest in January, Schrenker had built a successful investment advisory business off of the money and trust of family and friends. Behind the scenes, however was a different story, with Schrenker selling nonexistent foreign currency funds, creating false account information, and using clients’ money to fund a lavish lifestyle that included a private plane and a luxurious lakeside estate. On Aug. 19, during federal sentencing in Pensacola, Fla., Schrenker was given 51 months in prison for charges stemming to the Jan. 11 plane crash in which Schrenker tried to fake his own death near Florida.

Schrenker’s legal issues are far from over, however. He still faces 11 felony counts related to his investment businesses in Indiana.

Schrenker’s victims include his aunt, Rita Schilling, who transferred more than $200,000 to one of Schrenker’s investment companies in August 2008. Another victim is a long-time friend, Charles Black. In 2004, Schrenker moved $100,000 out of Black’s account without his consent, according to a probable cause affidavit.

As in the case of Bernie Madoff, Schrenker’s roster of clients never became suspicious of the Indiana money manager because they knew him personally or had been introduced to him by people they trusted. Also like Madoff, Schrenker’s facade of investing prowess was aided by personal images of wealth and success.

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