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FINRA Claims, Lawsuits Target Securities America

Securities America, a subsidiary of Ameriprise Financial, is becoming the target of more investor claims filed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) over allegations it falsely misrepresented private placement offerings associated with Medical Capital Holdings – the same company that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged in a $2 billion Ponzi scheme.

In a federal lawsuit filed in Omaha, Nebraska, a Sarasota woman alleges that Securities America sold hundreds of millions of dollars worth of securities in the form of notes for Medical Capital Holdings, a medical receivables financing company based in Tustin, California.

In August, Medical Capital was sued by the SEC for investor fraud. Among the charges, the SEC alleges that Med Cap and various subsidiaries raised more than $2.2 billion since 2003 through the offering of notes. As of August 2008, five of the “Special Purpose Corporations” were in default or late in paying nearly $1 billion in principal and interest to investors.

The lawsuit contends Securities America violated Nebraska securities law and was negligent for failing to investigate accounting irregularities at Medical Capital. It seeks class action status to represent investors who bought the Medical Capital notes from Nov. 21, 2007, through July 31, 2008.

“Securities America did not care; instead, in favor of millions in commissions and fees, it turned a blind eye to the truth, which is that the medical receivables company’s accounting records and practices strongly pointed towards the existence of a Ponzi scheme,” the lawsuit says.

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