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Medical Capital Fraud Allegations Pick Up Steam

Investors are continuing to come forth with fraud allegations against various broker/dealers in the Medical Capital case. According to investors’ complaints, certain brokerage firms allegedly marketed and sold private placement offerings in Medical Capital Holdings without first disclosing important facts about the company’s deteriorating financial health and the risks attached to the investments they were pushing. In July 2009, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charged Medical Capital with fraud.

One broker/dealer at the center of the arbitration claims is Securities America. In February 2010, the Massachusetts Securities Division filed a lawsuit against Securities America, which already was facing a pending class action in California, for allegedly misleading investors over sales tied to a series of Medical Capital’s private offerings.

According to the Massachusetts complaint, Securities America ignored red flags and deliberately failed to disclose the risks involved when selling millions of dollars worth of Medical Capital Notes to unsophisticated investors. The complaint further alleges that investors had been told the notes were secured and low risk when, in reality, they were “unregistered, speculative, high-risk securities.”

Based on the Massachusetts Securities Division’s complaint, 400 Securities America advisers allegedly sold $700 million of the private placements in Medical Capital, about half of which are now in default.

If you experienced investment losses related to Medical Capital investments, please contact us. A member of our securities fraud team will evaluate your situation to determine if you have a viable claim for recovery.

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