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Med Cap, Provident Legal Claims Take Toll On QA3 Financial

Private placement investments in Medical Capital Holdings and Provident Royalties have caused financial devastation for hundreds of investors after the deals later soured and the companies issuing the securities went belly up. Now, several independent broker/dealers that sold the products to investors are facing financial issues of their own.

As reported Jan. 17 by Investment News, QA3 Financial Corp. is one of those broker/dealers. The story says QA3 is looking at bankruptcy because of a dispute with its insurance carrier over the amount of coverage available for legal claims stemming from private placement sales in Medical Capital and Provident Royalties.

According to the article, QA3 claims it had coverage for $7.5 million of legal claims, damages and expenses, while its carrier, Catlin Specialty Insurance Co., said the coverage is capped at $1 million.

A lawsuit filed in September states that QA3, which includes about 400 independent representatives and advisers, is facing bankruptcy because of its issues with Catlin. Catlin later sued QA3, claiming that private-placement claims under the policy were, in fact, limited to $1 million. That suit is pending.

Like a number of broker/dealers that sold private placement in Medical Capital and Provident Royalties, QA3 is facing a slew of arbitration claims filed by clients who suffered huge financial losses in their investments when the companies were sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission for fraud. Today, both Medical Capital and Provident Royalties are in receivership.

In the case of Medical Capital, Securities America was a top seller of Med Cap private placements. QA3 was a leading seller of Provident deals. By some estimates, QA3 sold $32.6 million in Provident notes, reportedly collecting almost $7 million in commissions.

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