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Battle Emerging Between Tony Thompson & REIT Board

Real estate powerhouse Tony Thompson and the independent directors of a non-traded real estate investment trust are going head to head over why the dividend of the TNP Strategic Retail Trust was cut last month and what the management of the REIT is going to be moving forward.

As reported April 12 by Investment News, Thompson is known among independent broker/dealers for his role as a leading seller of tenant in common 1031 exchanges before the real estate crash of 2007-08.

Earlier this year, Thompson and the broker/dealer manager of the TNP Strategic Retail Trust, TNP Securities LLC, found themselves at the center of an investigation by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for failing to deliver documents in a FINRA inquiry.

In a letter to investors dated March 27, Thompson, who is chairman and co-chief executive of the TNP Strategic Retail Trust, said the three independent directors on the board, Jeffrey Rogers, Phillip Levin and John Maier, “voted to not pay [first] quarter 2013 dividends. I opposed this decision and was not part of the board meeting.”

According to the Investment News article, Thompson stated in the letter – which was not filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – that the distribution cut was the result of the directors inflating expenses.

“I believe extraordinary expenses are one of the primary causes for the independent directors’ decision not to pay a current distribution,” Thompson wrote. “These expenses include attorney fees related to the independent directors’ ‘special committee’ activities, the special committee’s director fees, default interest” and other costs, including salaries of accountants.

The board has since filed a shareholder letter with the SEC refuting Thompson’s assessment and that his letter was riddled with errors, including the actual number of properties owned by the REIT.

The board also is trying to fire as the REIT’s manager another company controlled by Thompson, TNP Strategic Retail Advisers LLC, and find a new adviser.



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