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Brokers Who Gamble With Your Retirement Savings

A PBS documentary had harsh words for financial advisers, blaming them for many of the struggles facing Americans today as try to save for their retirement. In The Retirement Gamble, Frontline correspondent Martin Smith investigates what happened to retirement in America and the role that financial services companies may be playing in draining your savings year after year.

Among other things, producers of The Retirement Gamble cite fees that financial advisers charge investors in their 401(k)s – largely made up of mutual fund fees and commissions – as one of the biggest obstacles behind the retirement savings crisis.

The documentary also criticizes advisers for boosting their own income by steering investors into high-fee investments like actively managed mutual funds. In an April 24 article by Investment News, Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry, says the term “financial adviser” means almost nothing in today’s investing world. “It could be a financial planner,” she says in the article. “Or it could be a broker who is a salesman.”

Indeed, a recent AARP study showed that 70% of mutual fund savers were unaware that they were paying any fees at all.

Teresa Ghilarducci, an economist at The New School, was equally condemning of financial services representatives and their firms. “Basically, your guy is out for himself to maximize his sales, and the way he does it is to be loyal to the mutual fund,” she said in the documentary. “They try to sell you the most profitable products.”

More on The Retirement Gamble can be found here.

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