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JP Morgan, SEC Talk Settlement over Investment-Recommendation Concerns

The SEC is examining J.P. Morgan for guiding clients to their own proprietary products and away from offerings by other firms. Generally leading to higher fees for the bank, the practice, while not banned, is closely watched by regulators. The bank says they have been responding and cooperating with the authorities. Regulators continue to monitor brokers selling their clients the right product for them, or whether they push the ones that make the firm the most money. Finance Advisers can operate under different rules depending on whether they register as an investment adviser with the SEC. If so, adherence to a fiduciary standard requiring them to recommend only those investment products that are in the best interests of their clients is required. The Government, along with industry participants have been working on policies to address alleged conflicts of interests on Wall Street for years. This April, the Labor Department released a proposal that would require brokers giving retirement advice to make recommendations in their clients’ best interests. The JP Morgan settlement with the SEC, containing their fine could happen later this summer.

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